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, before buying any so-called "winning" casino craps strategy or dice-control con.  Without understanding live casino craps or
online casino craps and the truth behind the math of the game, you’re in danger of believing the wacky claims on other websites and in other
craps books that you can beat the casino and win millions of dollars.  Be wary of the cons that prey on your blazing desire to get rich quick.  
Don't fall for bogus casino craps strategies, crazy dice control schemes, or silly dice setting cons that claim will win you gobs of money.  If you
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Why should you pay money for a craps book when thousands of websites explain craps for free?  To be honest, if you just want to learn
craps basics, then don't buy my ebook.  But be aware that many websites offer information that's flat-out wrong.  Also, many try to convince
you that you're living in a Fantasyland where your hopes of winning millions of dollars causes you to deny reality and believe that some sort
of casino craps strategy, dice setting technique, or dice control scheme can beat the casino.  
If you don't want to lose your shirt, you must
plant yourself securely in reality and stop believing in bogus winning craps strategies and the preposterous claims by dice control scam
artists that you can affect the outcome of a dice roll by using dice control techniques.
 My book is truly based in reality and tells it like it is
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Casino craps is designed for the casino to win and you to lose.  Over time, you will always lose.  The secret to casino craps is to learn the
best combination of variables that will allow you to have fun playing craps but not lose the shirt off your back.  
The secret will allow you to
play craps longer, greatly increase your chances of winning, have tons of fun while playing the game, and then leave the casino in a
good mood.

I've played casino craps my whole adult life.  When I first started to play craps, I read lots of books and, when the Internet came along, I
browsed lots of craps and online casinos websites.  They all describe basic craps rules and offer phony winning craps strategies.  None
effectively teach how or why.  
That's where this ebook is different.  My ebook takes you on an exciting journey into learning the "why" and
"how" of casino craps and provides details so you can learn craps and become truly knowledgeable in all aspects of the game.  From my
ebook, you'll learn how to play craps in reality, not in Fantasyland.  You'll learn to play craps with total confidence.

My ebook does not give you false hope.  It doesn't promise that you'll beat the casino out of millions of dollars.  It doesn't offer silly dice
control schemes to help you beat the casino's advantage.  It does, however, explain the math behind the game so you can understand that
casino craps was devised for you to lose.  The math proves that no "winning" craps strategy will ever beat the casino over time.  My ebook
also disputes the ridiculous idea that you can affect the result of a craps roll by learning dice control or dice setting.  The truth is that there's
no winning casino craps strategy (including dice control) that will win over time.  Don't be one of the many losers who walk up to the craps
table, drop $100 on the table layout and then use an elaborate-sounding craps strategy or dice control technique, and then walk away broke
and mad within 45 minutes.  Casino craps has a designed-in casino advantage that no one can beat over time.  This complete and truthful
understanding allows you to enjoy the game without worrying about winning.  If you want to have fun and not lose your shirt, you must
learn craps and how to play craps the right way--the honest way.

You might think, "
If I'm going to lose, why bother playing at all?"  That's a great question and my ebook has the answer.  Casino craps
(and craps online) is based totally on odds.  This means, as time increases, the results approach what's called a "perfect distribution."  
Although the casino always has a designed-in advantage even in a perfect distribution, knowledgeable players play craps anyway because
we expect in the relatively short time that we play, we will encounter a distribution variance where the odds appear to deviate from the norm
and favor us instead of the casino.  When that time comes, everything we do is right (i.e., a hot roll).  The questions is, how do we time it just
perfectly to fall into that short-term distribution variance where we end up needing a bucket to carry all our chips?  After many hours of
studying and playing craps, I have calculated what I consider my "secret to casino craps."  The secret isn't one of the million bogus craps
strategies or dice control scams on the Internet.  The secret is in my ebook.

Not only will you learn craps rules and my secret to casino craps, you will also learn lots of details that will allow you to go to a live or
online casino with confidence and play like a pro.  I have found that few books and websites provide the details of casino craps that teach
you to play craps like a real pro.  All craps books define the basics, provide some sort of silly "winning" craps strategy, and offer weird dice
control techniques to make you believe you can win millions.  However, few books explain the details you need to learn craps, understand it,
and play craps in reality.  I also include in my ebook anecdotes that add to the fun of learning how to play craps the right way (i.e., the
honest and truthful way).

So, what’s the secret to craps?  If casino craps was created for us to lose, why should we bother playing?  How do we learn the best mix of
critical variables that will allow us leave the table smiling and with money still in our pockets?  The secret is in my ebook.  Don't believe what
you read about a winning craps strategy or crazy dice control scheme.  Whether you play live casino craps or online craps, it's extremely
important to your wallet to learn craps and how to play craps in reality instead of a Fantasyland.
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If you play according to the gambler's fallacy, you're going to lose over time, no ifs, ands, or buts.

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Mike L.
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Manny L.
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